Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gruesome Twosome - DAY ONE

Well, it's the first night of THE GRUESOME TWOSOME TOUR so anything can happen. Be the first to see it all at the MTS Center in Winnipeg, MB.


  1. What a great team you two make! A match made in the bowels of the coolest Hell ever. Drew this w/ the hopes of getting an autograph some years ago but couldn't get back stage. Damn!

    Have a blast on your tour!!!!

  2. Both of you come to Salem, Massachusetts for an "Haunted Happenings" visit this ROCKtober!

  3. Hope to see at least one of the shows.


  4. Had the best night of my life at the show in Winnipeg last night. What an amazing show. If I never see another show in my life I will have no problem with that. Fantastic, amazing and spectacular all rolled into one. Best concert duo ever. Much love and many thanks!! :)

  5. You guys should finish the tour in AZ! It would sell out in a heartbeat! Plus me and my mom both grew up listening to you guys it would be so rad to see you both live together.

    Either way, I'll see you at Mayhem this summer :]

  6. Thank You for an incredible show monday night at the MTS center!!...i was right close to the stage, best night ever!!!!!!!!!! Amazing show. Rock on! hope to see you again real soon! :)

    You guys are totally Fuck'n' Amazing!!!!