Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zombie Tattoo Of The Day #3



  1. Hi Rob...

    I work as a concept design, and I'm doing some concepts to an animation film about the DEVIL...DEVIL's daugther in fact...This whole film takes place in HELL, and more specifically inside the mansion of the DEVIL himself...

    I hope you don't mind to be one of the most inspirational look for the Devil!!

    I went to Eletric Factory (Philadelphia) last december, to see your concert! As a guest with a friend of mine from Sepultura, we both are from Brazil!

    Thank you man...If you want to see you as a devil, please go to:

  2. Good work....but don't really look like R.Z.....Skubis

  3. Thanks Skubis...Did you see the older posts?...FH