Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. Director

On the set of 1000 Corpses

On the set of The Devil's Rejects

With Nic on the set of Werewolf Women of the SS

On the set of H2 with Tyler Mane


  1. Anything you touch turns to gold. Keep making awesome movies. Can't get enough of RZ!

  2. A narrated film, as was the director's commentary in the House of 1000 Corpses. It is unmissable.
    Saw the film six times or more, and comment 20 times. It's 10
    It was almost a second film.
    In The Devil's Rejects. was summed up the director's comments. But the film was 10.
    In movies and in the comments, you were perfect.
    For me, speaking as you did the movie, and everything that happened on the recordings. It is unmissable.
    I want to keep with care.
    And all done in the race. (And all done in the race) An expression that we use. Done with the face and courage.
    Or a response to adversity .
    *Sorry my english again.
    Know that I am trying to improve.
    Anyway, they are full of praise and satisfaction.

  3. The thing that I admire so much about you is that if you want to do something you do it! And you do a kick ass job no matter what it is ( Your a big inspiration to me. Keep rocking out the films!

  4. Just finished House/Rejects moviethon at my house:) Don't know what I would do without those movies!

  5. I saw The Devil's Rejects six times in the theatre, and was waiting at Wal-Mart at Midnight for the DVD to hit the shelves.

    If you make a prequel... If you somehow make a sequel... If you come up with ANY FUCKING WAY to give me more Otis, Spaulding, and Baby... I will die a happy little Satanist.


  6. Can't fucking wait to go see your next movie the day it opens in theater.