Thursday, October 28, 2010

H2 pumpkin

Nice work with the knife. Michael would be proud.

A little H2 music.


  1. I love it. Whoever made that did an awesome job.

  2. Nice job!! I have done Rob Zombie, Baby Firefly and Living Dead Girl pumpkins before. This year I did the lovely Lily Munster

  3. Great job! Impressive!

    Always nice to hear Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures as well!

  4. We FINALLY got to see Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie in Roanoke, VA! That has been the best show I have seen in YEARS! My 18 year old son is pursing his dream of keeping the "shock" rock alive! He has one battle, and that is seizures..but, he doesn't give up! He was so happy at the concert..I was blown away!