Thursday, December 2, 2010

Warm up shows

Attention Zombie heads! We are playing 4 small warm up shows before we head over to England to kick some ass.

Here are the dates:
2/6/2011 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
2/8/2011 Reno, NV Knitting Factor
2/9/2011 Chico, CA Senator Theatre
2/10/2011 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades

Get your tickets ASAP because they are gonna go fast!


  1. Damnit!! You need to come back to TN!! Shit, even within a few hundred miles would be good :)

  2. wow, Rob Zombie in a small venue would be sweet! Wish I was on the west coast.

    Last I saw him in a small venue was Tower Theater in Philly Oct 1999, what a show!!!

  3. how the hell do i buy them!! im gonna be 6 months knocked up but i so dont want to miss this!!

  4. Its times like these I wish I didn't live in Chicago

  5. 4 tix to the Santa Cruz show...Check! Last time you were here (that I know of) was when White Zombie opened for Danzig. Been a while