Thursday, January 20, 2011


I thought I'd post a few shots form THE MUSIC FOR RELIEF BENEFIT CONCERT that took place February 18, 2005. This was my first time on stage in years and was also the first time I played with John 5. This was the start of a whole new musical chapter that is just now kicking into high gear. So much more to come!

Backstage after the show with John 5 and Dave Navarro.


  1. Awesome pics!! That would have been my husband Franks 24th birthday!! :) Too bad we weren't able to be there. I am sure it was an amazing show!

    You should talk Sheri into get a Total Skull blogger! I miss talking to her :(

  2. Hello Dr. Satan.
    I thought you might find this very interesting. You know how the movie the exorcist was based on a boy. Well there's this guy Mark Chorvinsky who went looking for the real mccoy and found information about him. The kids best friend tells him about this German family, that the boy was an only child, a spoilt mean son of a bitch who was cruel to animals, had terrible tantrums, played tricks on people, was a loner and his mother and grandmother were heavily into occult and religious things. Here's the link to the 5 parts of this researchers story, if you haven't found it before.

    P.S. Nice pictures by the way.

  3. Very nice pictures..Those are some cool patches on your jeans.

  4. Hey john 5! When I seen that towel on your head I was thinking of how I wish I could take a shower with you hehehe I know I'm bad! I wannabe your groupie! I'm 25/female here's my email