Saturday, February 19, 2011


The sound is shit, but it looks pretty good.


  1. omg rob and guys are great cant wait for you guys to hit usa your faithfull follower toddzombie

  2. Rob Zombie and band is the most fun and always gives a 150% performance! He loves his fans! He is my favorite group out of all to see perform live! I love how they rock loud with no apologies! I Love those Rob Zombie guys! SusanD.

  3. Fucking awesome..I so wish I was there. Rob, I have seen you 4 times in concert ( the first was Ozzfest at the Gorge in 2002, the second time was when you played with Godsmack in 2006 at White River Amphitheater, then the next year in Seattle when you played with Ozzy, and last time was at Mayhem last summer), and you never disappoint. I have been to a decent number of ooncerts and yours are the most fun. Anyway, glad I got to talk to you at the meet and greet at Mayhem, and I meant what I said, I have been a fan since age 15 and I am 32 now, and I will be a fan for the rest of my life.

  4. No! IT sounds fucking awesome! Love it!


  5. That is so EXCELLENT how you all put that stage set together. The fuzzyness of the screen which almost appears to have hidden writing on it, compared to the very crispness of the mathematical precision in which they are placed.

    To the left of the screen, the bloody alien face with that poke of blood for an eyeball. Wow. That is so cool. Then that bloody red alien standing there, from which the base/bass guitarist - that fox - comes out from. It's extraordinary. No doubt, England is some magical place of energy.

    And your bodies. I love the way you undulate like a dragon when you move. It's all so perfect. I really want to see you create more videos directly from England territory. What a place! What a place. WHAT a Place!