Monday, February 28, 2011


"On to the next! Sure, Rob Zombie’s set was 10 minutes late due to a technical hitch with the backing displays, but when he came out it was like the Messiah had returned. Not only did the band put on a great show with a mix of old favourites including ‘More Human than Human’ from ‘Astrocreep 2000’ and some newbies, but what really drew focus was those amazing costumes.

Zombie worked the crowd like a pro. After his set finished the crowd went crazy screaming for more… and were ecstatic that Zombie bestowed a few more tracks, including his rendition of the Alice Cooper classic ‘School's out for Summer’ to make up for Slayer's cancelation. I guess Rob Zombie thought we deserved it... and we did ... and it ROCKED! "



  1. ~ Momsen scares the 'black and white' squares. Zombie style. Hahahahahaha. That's the way to do it. Listen to your soul. Put the art back in the gallery.

    Love the pictures. Love the shows. Wow. This tour is turning out to be the best thing in 2011! So many gorgeous people.

  2. Awesome Pics, Rob is the best!

  3. Rob you blew me away, Rock on dude you are amazing!

  4. My sister wrote that review for MTV! It was the absolute highlight for soundwave 2011! Definitely had the old school concert feel that many of the other performances were lacking.. You rocked when we saw you on the Astrocreep tour and without doubt blew our minds again this time round!!